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Famous for curry in hot stone-bowl.

Hot stone-bowl curry Hot stone-bowl Sri Lanka curry (Limited number of 10)

Location:Tsurumi 9 Lumiere-no-oka S-16

Hours:11:00~15:00 17:30~21:30(os21:00)


Mountain lodge style Western restaurant with tranquil atmosphere.

There are many combination menus, such as hamburger and pasta. Parfait is also recommended.

Location:Funakojimachi 3-22


Cafe&Gallery Piano

Delicious stop-by.

Would you like to enjoy jazz and some coffee in a quiet residential area? Borscht (with salad and bread) is also popular.

Location:Minamisouen 20

Hours:10:00~21:00 20:00(os)


When it comes to Japanese home cuisine, please come visit us

Hours sashimi is also popular.

Location:Ekimae-cho 7-12


Restaurant Kimura

Japanese style restaurant with relaxed atmosphere.

Popular restaurant even making original sauce. Since our establishment, many repeat customers visit us for the unchanged taste. Recommendation kamo-nabe (dish of duck meat cooked with cabbage, spring onions, tofu, etc.)

Location:Ishigaki-nishi 10-2-35

Hours:11:30~14:00 18:00~23:00


Grilled eel specialty restaurant with our original sauce.

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Traditional restaurant of grilled eel which was founded in 1927. With the secret sauce since 1951, we serve various kinds of grilled eel cuisines using a fan and char-grilling technique. 2 slices of grilled eel.

Location:Yamanote-machi 14-1


Bon-no Hanare Kamoshi-ya

Fish restaurant near Beppu station that you can relax and have a drink.

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Recommendation for assorted sashimi char-grilled meat

Location:Ekimae-cho 8-9 Eiki Bldg. 1F


Saryo Oh-ji

Restaurant next to Shounin-yu.

Restaurant next to Shounin-yu in Ideyu-zaka of Kannawa hot spring. Popular lunch Kaiseki (a set menu of select food served on an individual tray to each member of a gathering) (sashimi, tempura, steamed egg hotchpotch, small bowl of salad, and tea soba noodle with an egg that is boiled in the hot spring) Single item of Jigoku-mushi each steamed seafood (shrimp, sea bream, etc.)

Location:Kannawa-furomoto 5

Hours:11:00~17:30  17:30~20:00


Traditional ramen restaurant with many ardent fans.

Ramen restaurant with a rich variety of set meals. People in wheelchair are also welcome.

Location:Motomachi 8-4

Hours:11:30~14:00 18:00~24:30


Enjoy our creative cuisines that give you delicacies of the season.

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We have “Salt course” offering salt mixed with citrus or black pepper for sushi, instead of soy sauce, “Leave-it-to-chef course” for sushi dishes, white fish sushi with salt, including horse and chub mackerels, “Roast-toro (fatty tuna) course” of roast sushi with our original sauce, and our popular menu “foie gras sushi.”

Location:Kitahama 2-7-6

Hours:Monday~Friday 17:00~0:00(os23:30) Friday・Saturday  17:30~1:00(os24:29)


Cafe reusing a vacation house of early Showa period.

Not only our original sweetness, but Oita specialty “rice-dumpling soup” is also popular.

Location:Nishinoguchi 6-32


Kakurega Dining Waraku

Izakaya bar that is particular about the local food to offer.

We offer selected local ingredients. Assorting a rich variety of Shochu (distilled spirit).




Very special seasonal foods are assorted.

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The most popular menu is “sushi of a whole conger eel.” A whole conger eel is softly baked. Sushi of Bungo beef with rock salt is also excellent.

Location:Kitahama 1-4-13



Getting only fresh local food from market everyday.

We cook to your taste, such as sashimi, boiled dish, and broiled food.

Location:Souen 6-3


Okamoto-ya Baiten

Enjoy the power of magma.

You will be captivated by the rch-tasting caramel with bitter flavor of Jigoku-mushi pudding. This is our proud handmade product filled with the spices of hot springs. Our original menu “Udon with hot spring egg” Simple salt egg is also popular. You can relax and enjoy the great view of white steam at the teahouse in the shop.

Location:Myoban 3kumi



Please enjoy the blowfish of Beppu.

blowfish course Seki mackerel and Seki horse mackerel, flatfish, conger If requested, we can serve “Suppon (Chinese soft-shell turtle).”

Location:Motomachi 10-16



Restaurant in Shibaigoya-no yu.

Toriten (chicken tempura bowl) for grilled green onion

Location:Kaminoguchi-cho 29-13



Off-street Tonkatsu (deep-fried cutlets) restaurant.

Toriten (chicken tempura bowl) Tonkatsu (deep-fried cutlets) recommended Tonkatsu curry

Location:Kusunoki-machi 6-3

Hours:11:00~15:00 16:30~19:30


“Kamo-sui” is popular.

Popular menu “Kamo-sui” Seasoning duck, burdock, green onion, konjac, and tofu with salt. The Japanese nabe (hot pot) goes with sake. We also recommend local fresh fish.

Location:Kitahama 1-2-18

Hours:17:30~0:00 a.m.(OS23:00)

Seafood Family Restaurant Stone Man eighty-two

Fish-store-directly-managed restaurant.

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Popular menu is fried chicken legs for horse mackerel for mackerel

Location:Motomachi 4-11

Hours:11:00~14:00(os) 16:00~23:30