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Hotel New Matsumi

Great view from Open-air bath.

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Please enjoy the Beppu-bay view from the Open-air and Large bath. The master chef's Bungo-kaiseki dishes using specialties of this Bungo area is available for breakfast and dinner.Chinese, Korean, and English homepages are also available. Price(Adult):8,400~36,000 yen



Hotel Seikai

Mainly an onsen resort

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Ocean view large public bath、Open-air bath with horizon view.

Location:Shouningahama-machi 624


Capsule Hotel Gloria

Beppu\'s first! Capsule hotel with 100% fresh hot spring water bath.

Only 1 minute walk to Beppu\'s downtown area! 5 minutes walk to Yume-town, Beppu\'s first Capsule hotel is now open! 2F karaoke WAIWAI cafe 3F Natural onsen Tenguno-yu 4F Capsule hotel (Men\'s floor) 5F Fitness club 6F Capsule hotel (Lady\'s floor) Ladies are welcome to stay and feel safe because we have separated the floors for men and ladies. You can also enjoy the Tenguno-yu onsen as many times as you wish from check in to check out time, of course the onsen is natural hot spring water. Sauna is also available. The price starts from 1900yen per stay, so it\'s reasonable than taking a taxi or replacement driver services. You can choose your meals, breakfast and dinner on the 2nd floor cafe. (additional fees required)

Location:Motomachi1-25 G-Paresubiru3F


Hotel Sansenkaku

Make your skin smooth with our food and sweets using collagen.

Old established Ryokan located in front of Beppu Tower. Kaiseki dishes using each season\'s specialties, high quality onsen, and our heart warming service is our pride. We are popular for the food we make for \"\"beautiful skin\"\" using blow-fish collagen in our dishes and our \"\"Collagen pudding\"\" steamed in our onsen and made from Oita\'s torafugu (tiger puffer). Our collagen pudding \"\"Pururin-chan\"\" won Gold award for world Olympic \"\"Monde Selection 2011\"\". It can be purchased in the hotel Sansenkaku. Also, our \"\"Collagen Magic\"\" which includes blow fish collagen, vitamin C, and citric acid is becoming very popular.

Location:Kitahama 3-6-23


Kappou Ryokan Yumesaki

The only hotel in the 6kumi area with lots of Bungo specialties.

We welcome you with attentiveness and care that a small hotel can only show. We provide dishes using many specialties such as seki-aji, seki-saba, and Bungo beef. We will also correspond to ingredients you do not enjoy and change seasonings according to your favor if you contact us ahead of time. Our onsen is also 100% natural hot spring water, which you can enjoy 24 hours.

Location:Tsurumi-enchou 5kumi-1


Ryotei Matsubaya

Culinary Japanese-style inn that gives you comfortable relaxation.

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Lunch: 2,100~ 3,150 for creative Kaiseki course Recommendation: 4,620 for creative Kaiseki course Free coffee roasted with Yakushi-no yu is available. You can also take a bath. People in wheelchairs are welcome.

Location:Kankaiji 3

Hours:Lunch11:00~14:30 Dinner17:00~21:00

Kanpono-yado Beppu

Stop by, take a bath, and have a meal.

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The lunch set (\1,000) including taking an open-air bath and daily lunch special is popular. \735 for daily lunch special Sashimi tempura (\1,575) is reasonable.

Location:Tsurumi 457


Asahiya Ryokan 

Kannawa\\\'s specialty, Jigoku steamed healthy food.

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Handmade Kaiseki and Kannawa local specialty with healthy Jigoku steamed food (cooked by staem from onsen) Daytripping(large public bath or Family bath)available.

Location:Kannawaida 1


Hotel Fugetsu HAMMOND

Rooftop Onsen with entire Beppu view, Jigoku steamed(onsen steamed) food, and beauty salon

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There are two kinds of bath, large public bath (indoor) and outside open-air bath. From the rooftop bath you can see the Beppu-bay, the Takasaki mountains, and you can also enjoy early bath with the sun rising view. Price(Adult):Price:13,800~31,650 yen

Location:Tsurumikitajyu 1kumi



Large open-air bath, steam cooking hell, Seki Aji boasts blowfish dish

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Oniyama Hotel, is in the center of Jigoku onsen and can enjoy large public bath, Jigoku steamed food, Aji (mackerel), Fugu(globe fish). Price(Adult):12,600~42,000 yen

Location:Kannawa 3351


Yokoso Ryokan

Easy to use rental room ryokan.

An easy to use ryokan, in Kannawa onsen area. (you can also enjoy Jigoku steamed food. Pots, dishes, rice cooker, all available to rent for free. Please be welcome to bring in your own ingredients.) Price(Adult):Bed without meals 3,200~3,400 yen

Location:Kannawaida 3kumi



Convenient for business and sightseeing. Internet available in all rooms.

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A multipurpose hotel which produces beauty and health, and a reasonable stay as center of business and sightseeing in the area. Price(Adult):RC5,400~9,750 yen



Beppuwan Royal Hotels

Ocean resort hotel with the best location!

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Complete function for conventions, and calmness of resort in one, rich cultural interchange is possible in quiet nature. English and Chinese pages available. Price(Adult):13,000~32,000 yen

Location:Ooaza Hiramichi Irie1825


Hotel Seawave Beppu

Location is right in front of the Beppu station, and very convenient.

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It is a business hotel located right in front of the JR Beppu station. Welcomes you with spacious rooms like city hotels, and high-quality facilities. Useful for business and Sightseeing. Price(Adult):RC5,800~17,800 yen

Location:Ekimaechou12ban 8     


Minshuku Kokage

Great location, just 2 minutes walk from the Beppu station.

International Minshuku, which started in 1940. Many antiques, Japanese and foreign, are collected in the dining tea room which also has many other historical features. Price(Adult):4350 yen~

Location:Ekimaechou 89


Beppu Showaen

Pure Japanese style, independently built house.

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Ryokan built in the beginning of the Showa period, with separately built Japanese cottage rooms, where you can hear the sound of water, wind and insects. Completely Japanese style private rooms in nature where you can enjoy the four seasons. Price(Adult):36,900~52,650 yen

Location:Hara-machi 1


Beppu Fujikan Hotel

Ocean and Mountain view available from every room.

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12 story hotel facing the Beppu-bay where you can enjoy ocean and mountain view. Open-air bath from 50 meters off the ground is a great view. Price(Adult):8,550~15,900 yen



Beppu Spa Shiragiku Hotel

You can enjoy Large Open-air bath and various dishes from 4 master chefs.

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Large Open-air bath, and food served in your room, 4 restaurants with various food.Chinese, Korean, and English homepages available. Price(Adult):18,000~31,650 yen

Location:Kamita-no-yumachi 1636


Beppu KAMENOI Hotel

We will support your business and sightseeing trips!

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Onsen resort only 4 minutes walk from the Beppu station. Chinese, Korean, and English homepages available. Price(Adult):2,900~7,950 yen

Location:Chuou-machi 517     


Japanese Inn Nogami Honkan Ryokan

A Japanese style ryokan where you can enjoy mountain vegetables and seafood, with 3 original private rental onsen.

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There are 2 large public bath, and 3 family private rental onsen. Chinese, Korean, and English homepages available.

Location:Kitahama 1-12-1