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Events and Festivals

Many events are held in Beppu throughout the year. The representative events are introduced in the following section.

Events and festivals in spring
Beppu Hatto Onsen Festival - This festival offers thanks for the blessing of hot springs. April 1st has been designated 'Onsen Thanksgiving Day', and more than 100 hot spring facilities in the city are open to the public for free on that day. Festivals are held in many places the city during this period. Beppu
Argerich Music Festival - World renowned pianist Martha Argerich plays as the General Director of this music festival. Prominent musicians from all over the world congregate in Beppu and give world-class performances.

Events and festivals in summer
A Summer's Night Festival - This is a summer festival held on the main street in the heart of the city. Stalls line the streets in the cool summer's night, festival music and dances liven up the festival, fireworks light up the night skies-such are the highlights of summer in Beppu.

Events and festivals in autumn
Agriculture Festival / Festival for the Revitalization of the Fishery Industry -These are popular festivals where agricultural and fishery products from all parts of Oita prefecture and local tastes come together. A large number of people attend the festival each year.

Events and festivals in winter
Christmas HANABI Fantasia -Every year, more than 100 thousand people make this well-known winter fireworks event a successful reality. The lovely fireworks are synchronized with music to touch the hearts of its audience.

Beppu Hatto Onsen Fair (Onpaku) - This is a large-scale event for experience-and-exchange programs, and is the largest of its kind in Japan. More than 100 types of experience-and-exchange programs are conducted during this period.