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Bungo Beef Steak Restaurant Somuri

Steak restaurant of Bungo beef.

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Offering selected Bungo beaf at reasonable prices. Course meal is also available. We recommend course of sirloin steak with fish dish. Having relaxing atmosphere of woodgrain interior. Please enjoy your time with the selected ultimate beef and French wine.

Location:Kitahama 1-4-28 Utsunomiya Bild.

Hours:11:30~14:00(os13:30) 17:00~22:00(os21:00)


Mainly serving Chinese dish.

Delicious Chinese food and various dishes at reasonable prices.

Location:Funakoji 4-41 Siebold Hanatoki Bldg. 1F

Hours:11:00~14:00 17:30~22:00

Restaurant Yuzawa-ya

Restaurant located in the center of “Jigoku-meguri (the Hell Tour).

60-year-old established restaurant which is also a stop-off of the Kannawa hot spring walking tour. Oita’s specialty dumpling soup, champon, for hot spring steam dumpling, for yaseuma. Lunch menu: meal of dumpling soup / champon set meal.

Location:Kannawa Miyuki 5kumi-1


Yakiniku Ichiriki

Enjoy high quality meat at our grilled meat restaurant of the 30th anniversary.

Among our selected meat, our recommendation is loin

Location:Ekimaehonmachi 6-37

Hours:17:00 - 24:00

Cafe Natsume

Having sweets of authentic cafe, such as parfait and shaved ice.

Our recommendation is the “Green powdered tea sprees.” Vanilla ice cream on green powdered tea, with some red beans paste. All are home-made, and you will enjoy the mild bitter and flavor of green powdered tea, and sweetness of the cream. Hot spring coffee.

Location:Kitahama 1-4-23


Izakaya Nonta

Feel free to visit our Izakaya bar.

Horse and chub mackerel for each. Local dishes. Popular Izakaya bar. Tacos is also well-known

Location:Kitahama 1-3-31


Shikite Hanamura

Enjoy old-Kyoto-style “Kaiseki” dishes for four seasons in private room.

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Recommended course: Hoshino-omotenashi (treat by stars) Kaiseki style

Location:Noguchinakamachi 7-22

Hours:11:30-15:00 (13:30os) 17:30-22:00 (os20:00)

Grill Mitsuba

Off-street restaurant featuring Western and Chinese dishes.

You can enjoy Bungo beef of teppan-yaki. Selected local ingredients are mainly used for cooking.

Location:Kitahama 1-4-31

Hours:11:30~LO13:30 17:00~LO20:00


Cafe with popular baked cheesecake.

Richly-flavored cheesecake baked with French cheese is popular.

Location:Yamanotemachi 11-52



Blowfish dishes are available all year around at our blowfish specialty restaurant.

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Natural blowfish course

Location:Kitahama 3-6-14


Japanese Soba Oedo

The texture of our special white Soba noodle will hook you on.

Sarashina soba is hand-kneaded noodle, made of buckwheat. Its sheer white thin noodle has excellent texture. The best deal is the set menu of Zaru soba and rice bowl dish. Udon noodle is also popular. Japanese noodles are also popular.

Location:Ekimaecho 7-14



Stylish creative cuisine restaurant in front of Beppu station.

Using local ingredients of Oita. Having a wide variety of Shochu (distilled spirit).

Location:Ekimaecho 3-6

Hours:11:30~14:00(os) 18:00~22:30(os)

Owada Sushi

Seasonal fresh seafood of Oita are available at a reasonable price.

Blowfish course

Location:Kitahama 1-1-3

Hours:11:30~13:30  16:00~22:00

Cafe Takeya

Open cafe in front of Takegawara Hot Spring.

Best place for rest after a bath.



Toyotsune (in Hotel Yuuhi)

Famous for our extra Tendon!

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Our specialty pork cutlet has 2 extra-large size shrimps with 4 kinds of vegetables!

Location:Kitahama 2-4-16

Hours:11:00~14:00 17:00~22:00

Yurari (in Hyoutan Hot Spring)

We offer not only “Jigoku (hell)” steamed dishes but a large spa pool.

Set meal plan with taking large spa pool is (Reservation by the previous day is required) Guidebooks in English, Chinese, and Korean can be downloaded from our homepage.


Hours:7 days a week (except for maintenance)


You can bring your ingredients to have them cooked as “Jigoku (hell)” steamed dishes.

Rent a hell furnace (persons / 6 Depth of seasoning unit / stand for two hours one minute).

Location:Kannawakami 3



Authentic Italian dishes with carefully selected ingredients.

Home-made ham and bacon. Seasonal Italian dishes using organic vegetables.

Location:Kitanaka 4-1

Hours:11:30~15:00 (os14:00)  18:00~22:00(os21:00)


It’s cheap and tastes good! You will satisfied with our large fresh sushi items.

Please come to check our sushi items.

Location:kitaju 7


Restaurant Mitsuboshi

Western dishes arranging French food.

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Rice omelet is recommended. Menu in English and Chinese is available.

Location:Kannawa 284 Ashiya Urban Life 1F

Hours:11:00~15:00 17:00~21:00