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Japanese restaurant offering natural blowfish.

We only use selected seasonal fresh natural fish to serve.


Hours:11:30~13:30(os)  17:00~22:00(os)21:00

Kappo inn Momiya

Enjoy the real taste of Japanese culinary art.

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Japanese Kaiseki dish standard Kaiseki dish Please enjoy our genuine Japanese Kaiseki dish using selected seasonal ingredients with watching the traditional relaxing garden.

Location:Kamitanoyu 5-22

Hours:Lunch (11:30 a.m~2:30 p.m) Dinner (5:30 p.m~10:00 p.m)

Folk craft Tea shop ajikura

Old folk house style restaurant.

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You enjoy cooking chicken and Bungo beef on your personal charcoal stove. Char-grilled local chicken

Location:Ishigakihigashi 6-7-39

Hours:10:30~15:00 (os14:30) 1700~22:00(os 21:30)

Kaiseki Tempura Miyamoto

You must be satisfied with our tempura, Japanese food, and especially seafood.

Enjoy fresh-fried tempura.

Location:Motomachi 10-1


CAFE Aoyama

Coffeehouse with rich variety of our special sandwiches.

Sandwich buffet is very popular! Aoyama blended coffee with small dessert.

Location:Aoyama 7-58


China Kitchen Shofuku

Authentic Chinese restaurant preferred by international students.

Warm tomato salad that is popular to ladies . Thick chicken tempura with sugared vinegar .

Location:Ishigakihigashi 1-9-26

Hours:11:30~14:30 17:30~22:00

Four clovers

Our pasta and pizza are popular to ladies.

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Having 4 concepts including cafe, bar, garden, and gallery. Cafe during the day, and bar in the night.


Hours:11:00~25:00  Friday to Saturday 11:00~26:00


yakiniku and Cold noodle soup.

Popular to families living in City for the reasonable price.

Location:Minami Tateishi ikku 4-1


Bird Style

Yakitori, and other chicken dishes.

Yakitori , regional chicken tsukune , regional chicken leg binchotan BBQ , Ryukyu , raw spring roll using prosciutto and vegetables , homemade pancetta and tomato pizza fried chicken BIRDSTYLE flavor, homemade tartar sauce chicken nanban style , BIRDSTYLE pudding , parfait Each yakitori is carefully pierced and roasted, and other food not listed above for children like pasta are available. You will not believe that this is a Yakitori store with the varieties of menu and cafe style interior with private rooms (Japanese sitting rooms). Our original dessert is also delicious.

Location:Shin Beppu 3

Hours:11:45~14:00(order stop) 17:30~23:00(order stop 22:00)


Restaurant with Gyoza and beer (medium bottle) only. Specialized menu only

Location:Kitahama 1-9-4



Eau-de-Vie is a place like water of life, we value time flowing and sparkling.

Location:Kita-hama 1choume 9-13 Kitahama Miura Bld.


Hit Parade Club

Come watch the powerful stage of ""the hit paraders"" taking you to a world of oldies, from American pops, Beatles ventures sound, to Japanese GS numbers every night. A buffet style dining.

Location:Motomachi 14-8

Hours:18:00~25:00 Saturdays 18:00~25:00

Chihara21 store No.1 Chihara21 store No.2

Known to be Beppu's Number 1 Night place to visit. Come meet the beautiful proprietress and her supporting hostess with heart warming hospitality! We will be waiting for you.

Location:Kitahama1-4-9 Tsurumi Prezan B1F


Snack Yoshiko

Fun and outgoing place. Come enjoy the night with fun conversations with the proprietress and her powerful staff.




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We always welcome you with 10 to 15 cute and beautiful staff at ages 20 to 30. The posh design and jazz will give you a relaxing time.

Location:Kitahama1-4-21Baccarat Bld. 1F


Partner Ginza

Come spend the night of Beppu with us in Partner Ginza?

Location:Kitahama 1-4-9 Tsurumi Prezan 1F


Lounge KT

A place where varieties of people, all ages can enjoy. Please come and enjoy. All staff members welcome you.

Location:Kitahama 1-3-29 Rose Brats Bld. 3F


Lounge Yuko

Would you like to come spend time with our nice proprietress and fun staff?

Location:Kitahama 1-8-8 Kurochu Kaikan 1F



Mainly serving Chinese dish.

Delicious Chinese food and various dishes at reasonable prices.

Location:Funakoji 4-41 Siebold Hanatoki Bldg. 1F

Hours:11:00~14:00 17:30~22:00

Creative Italian CaSa

Casual creative Italian dish.

Owner with experiences to be a chef in Tokyo and Sydney gives you creative Italian cuisines. We have repeat customers who know the real taste. Reservation is preferable. Recommendation: bagna càuda of seasonal vegetables, for spring rolls of shrimp, avocado, and pork,carbonara using eggs of Hirosima.

Location:Shiomi-cho 7-15

Hours:11:30~14:00(Mon~Fri) 18:00~22:30(last order 21:30)Dinner(Mon~Sat)