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Murata Time Hills(Beppu-bay Service Area)

Time you want store in your memory Time Hills Beppu-wan Service Area

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What we are trying to regenerate is the old Japanese ways, and hearts of people. It would be our pleasure to have you visit and make your own memories and letting us notice how you would feel comfort. We are situated at an elevation of 380 meters with a great panorama of the Beppu-bay. You can walk up and down the promenades including 4 Traditional Japanese homes along the way. Recommended product.

Location:Ooaza Uchikamado aza Ougiyama 3677ban 43-2


Inter-Village Sakura

Varieties of products and souvenirs from Oita, and also a restaurant that can seat 700 persons.

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We provide a convenient location for starting your Beppu tour, as well as many souvenirs including one village one product goods of Oita and other specialties. We would like you to relax and enjoy banquets and dining in our restaurant with 700 seats and a great view of the Beppu-bay. We also have a conveyer belt sushi Hokusai.

Location:Takenouchi 6-2


Beppu Station Center

Outstanding location, inside the Beppu Station.

" Great location inside Beppu station. Beppu specialties, souvenir gifts, and of course a relaxation facility as well as varieties of convenient goods are available. We also have monthly pay parking."

Location:Beppu Station yard

Hours:Changes by store

Nankou-bussan Co.

Manufactures products of Oita such as "Zabon-zuke" to kabosu, yuzu, and baked sweets.

In our factory we manufacture Beppu's traditional confections such as ""Zabon-zuke"", ""Yaki-yaseuma"", and ""Yuzu ichiban"" We also have many other souvenirs at low prices. While touring around the Umi-jigoku to the red blood like Chi-no-ike jigoku please visit Nankou-bussan, a specialized factory in making Zabon-zuke.

Location:Kita Kannawa 1kumi