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Beppu Rakutenchi

A leisure park including sakura in the spring, Rainbow Suspension bridge, and panoramic onsen.

A composite amusement park closest from the Beppu City. Rakutenchi is located right when you get off the cable car, you can enjoy sakura and tsutsuji (rhododendron)in spring, kiku (florists\\\\' daisy) in autumn, and duck racing is very popular and fun. Botanical gardens, Play area, and Iwaburo. The view looking down at the Beppu-bay is fabulous!

Location:Rukawa as St 18

Hours:9:00 〜 17:00 (GW, summer, holiday sales)

Steamed Dish Kitchen Kannawa

Village Station where you can experience easy and fun Jigoku-mushi, many products of Oita, family bath, and facilities such as corundum-bath.

Jigoku-mushi, cooking food by the steam of kannawa onsen only, you can enjoy the taste of each ingredient. In the store we provide ingredients good for steaming, so please experience Kannawa\'s unique jigoku-mushi. Also, we have many specialties of the area and varieties of popular family onsen.

Location:Kitajyu 1kumi

Hours:7:00am~2:00am following day

Beppu Traffic Center

Assembles all kinds of kyushu Souvenirs!

You can take time shopping for products of Oita, and many other Kyushu specialties.

Location:Shinminatomachi 6-46

Hours:Shop 8:00~18:00

Beppu Tokiwa

The only Department Store in Beppu, commune to tourists as well.

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Please purchase Yuno-sato brand gifts for families such as shochu, soy sauce, tsukudani (preserved food boiled in soy), and tsukemono (pickled Japanese vegetables)

Location:Kitahama 2-9-1


Beppu Yume-town

A City creation where dreams of you and I extend.

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We have Beppu and other Oita products. Shochu, sweets, and perishables are also available.

Location:kusunoki machi 382-7


Kaisenbutsu-tonya Hamashou (Seafood Wholesale Store)

The only direct sale store in Beppu producing seafood.

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" The only direct sale store producing seafood , with plenty of assortments. Our original ""Haiboshi"" (ash-dried) and tenpiboshi (sun-dried) food which won an award from the Ministry of Agriculture, and Kyushu's special product mentaiko is also available. "

Location:Ishigaki higashi 7-8-2    


Houraiya Co.   

Enjoy the store like you\'re treasure hunting!

Lady\'s clothing/goods/souvenirs all for a flat rate

Location:kannawa ida 5kumi


Yamayoshi Co.

Kouba shiitake mushroom directly purchased from Oita's manufacturer.

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Dried shiitake mushrooms

Location:Nishinoguchi machi 2-2     


Murata Time Hills(Beppu-bay Service Area)

Time you want store in your memory Time Hills Beppu-wan Service Area

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What we are trying to regenerate is the old Japanese ways, and hearts of people. It would be our pleasure to have you visit and make your own memories and letting us notice how you would feel comfort. We are situated at an elevation of 380 meters with a great panorama of the Beppu-bay. You can walk up and down the promenades including 4 Traditional Japanese homes along the way. Recommended product.

Location:Ooaza Uchikamado aza Ougiyama 3677ban 43-2


Inter-Village Sakura

Varieties of products and souvenirs from Oita, and also a restaurant that can seat 700 persons.

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We provide a convenient location for starting your Beppu tour, as well as many souvenirs including one village one product goods of Oita and other specialties. We would like you to relax and enjoy banquets and dining in our restaurant with 700 seats and a great view of the Beppu-bay. We also have a conveyer belt sushi Hokusai.

Location:Takenouchi 6-2


Beppu Station Center

Outstanding location, inside the Beppu Station.

" Great location inside Beppu station. Beppu specialties, souvenir gifts, and of course a relaxation facility as well as varieties of convenient goods are available. We also have monthly pay parking."

Location:Beppu Station yard

Hours:Changes by store

Nankou-bussan Co.

Manufactures products of Oita such as "Zabon-zuke" to kabosu, yuzu, and baked sweets.

In our factory we manufacture Beppu's traditional confections such as ""Zabon-zuke"", ""Yaki-yaseuma"", and ""Yuzu ichiban"" We also have many other souvenirs at low prices. While touring around the Umi-jigoku to the red blood like Chi-no-ike jigoku please visit Nankou-bussan, a specialized factory in making Zabon-zuke.

Location:Kita Kannawa 1kumi


Keirin Onsen

Hot spring in a bicycle racetrack.

Parking space is available in the most famous fancy complex of Beppu. Bathing fee:\100

Location:Kamegawa Higasimachi Keirinjo

Hours:(Day at no races) 7:00 - 10:00, 14:00 - 22:00, (Day at races) 7:00 - 22:00

Beppu Myoban Spa Yu-no-Sato

Bath house of mineral encrustations left by hot springs and large open-air spa.

Beautiful spa in the sightseeing base of Myoban area. Bathing fee:600 Family spa(charter spa):\1,500 - \2,500 (60 min.)

Location:Myoban 6-kumi

Hours:(April - October) 10:00 - 21:00, (November - March) 10:00 - 20:00

Umi-no-Eki Beppu Fresh Fish Market

Local food of Oita and dishes with fresh seafood are available.

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Fisherman sushi, seafood rice bowl dish, horse and chub mackerels Main banquet hall for group customers is available. Assorting a variety of souvenirs of Beppu.

Location:Oazatsurumi 127-1


Mt. Takasaki Monkey land National Park

Mountain where wild monkeys gather.

English, Korean, and Chinese Information available also. In the Western end of Oita City, there isTakasaki mountain with the height of 628 meters. Here lives over 1200 Japanese monkeys with two groups B and C, who comes to the gathering area everyday where tourists can see them and enjoy their heartwarming characters. Price:Tickets will be sold only until 30 minutes before closing time. Adults/510yen, High school students/510yen, Elementary and Middle school students/250yen Kindergarten and younger are free.

Location:Oita-shi Kouzaki 3098-1


Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago

An Aquarium where you can feel like you are under water.

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Dolphin and walrus performances, touch pools where you can actually feel marine creatures. The main water tank \\"Daikaiyu tank\\" includes over 90 types, and 1500 fishes so if you stand on the glass floor you can feel like you are inside the ocean. Price:Adults (High school and older)/1,950yen, Elementary and Middle school students/970yen, infants (4years old and above) /640yen, 15 persons and more get discount.

Location:Oita-shi Takasaki Yamashita-kaigan

Hours:9:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Friday) 9:00 - 21:00 (weekends and holidays).

Beppu Jigoku Tour

The mysteries of earth will fascinate you.

For over 1000 years this area has been hated by people for the gas, thermal mud, and hot water so it is called Jigoku or hell. Please download brochure in different languages from here There are many, so called Jigoku in beppu but you will be visiting 8 of them here. Price:Jigoku meguri tickets Adult/2,100yen, high school students 1,350yen, middle school students/1,000yen, elementary students/900yen

Location:Beppu, Oita Kannawa559-1



The king of Jigoku, beautiful cobalt blue color, you can eat onsen eggs here.

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It was formed over 1300 years ago. The onsen eggs made here are very popular. Recommendation is the Jigoku pudding made by the steam of this Jigoku. There is also an ashiyu (foot-bath) recommended as well. It was the first place to be designated as scenic beauty that is related to onsen. Brochures can be downloaded in different languages here Price:(1 place) Adult/400yen, high school student/300yen, middle school student/250yen, elementary student/200yen Discount for a group of 30 persons or more (Jigoku meguri tickets) Adult/2,100yen, high school students 1,350yen, middle school students/1,000yen, elementary students/900yen

Location:Kannawa 559-1


Oniishi Bozu Jigoku

Gray thermal mud boiling in large bubbles!

Gray thermal mud at boiling temperature looks like the bald head of a bouzu or a Buddhist monk. It is located next to the Umi-jigoku. There are also foot bath and onsen inside the area. ●Normal onsen (Men, women separate) Adults 620yen/ Elementary students 300yen/ Infants 200yen ●Family bath (5 rooms only) 1room 2000yen (up to 4person per hour) Price:(1 place) Adult/400yen, high school student/300yen, middle school student/250yen, elementary student/200yen Discount for a group of 30 persons or more (Jigoku meguri tickets) Adult/2100yen, high school students 1,350yen, middle school students/1,001yenlementary students/900yen

Location:Kannawa 559-1