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St.Leger. Kijima Kogen Park

It is a

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We have many rides including \\\"\\\"Jupiter\\\"\\\" the first wooden roller coaster in Japan,v\\\"\\\"Poseidon30\\\"\\\" the largest water shoot in the world, \\\"\\\"Newton\\\"\\\" a free fall without foot rests, and \\\"\\\"Birdman\\\"\\\" a sky coaster. There is also \\\"\\\"Toy Kingdom\\\"\\\" for infants so all of the family members can enjoy. We also open a skating rink in the winter. Price:Entrance fee Adults/1,500yen Child/600yen Free ride pass Adults/2,700yen Child/2,700yen Entrance & free ride pass 4,200yen 3,300yen

Location:Kijima Kogen 123

Hours:9:00 - 17:00 (subject to change depending on the season).

Hirano Museum

Many valuable references to learn about the old Beppu and its history.

We have opened a part of a private home, providing many references that resemble the Taisho and Showa period of Beppu. We display posters that recall the old "Hanabitaikai"(fire works) "Nouryoushintenchi" (enjoy the cool of summer evening) with the announcements made by Japan's first bus guide tour. Price:Entrance free

Location:Motomachi 11-7 Beppu

Hours:14:00~18:00 - (contact required)

Beppu City Traditional Bamboo Crafts Center

Passes on the Traditional fine arts and craft of Beppu.

On the 1st floor it displays crafts of Syono Syounsai who is a living National Treasure, and can learn about other historical crafts, materials, and techniques. On the 2nd floor in the workshop, craft teachers will teach you how to make coasters (400yen) and flower baskets (700yen). Also, there are events displaying bamboo and flower arts where you can enjoy the beauty of bamboo. Price:High school students and older/300yen (20 persons or more/ 250yen) Elementary and Middle school students/100yen (20 persons or more/70yen)

Location:Higashi Souen-machi 8-3


Oniyama Jigoku

Also known as Wani-jigoku or crocodile hell.

In the 12th year of the Taisho period they started to raise crocodiles here. Today, they raise over 80 types of crocodiles and alligators. Price:(1 place) Adult/400yen, high school student/300yen, middle school student/250yen, elementary student/200yen Discount for a group of 30 persons or more (Jigoku meguri tickets) Adult/2,100yen, high school students 1,350yen, middle school students/1,000yenlementary students/900yen

Location:Kannawa 625