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Teppan Nomiya

Teppan-yaki restaurant. English menu is available.

Recommendation: Gin-chan’s Jigoku-yaki

Location:Kitahama 1-3-19

Hours:18:00~2:00 a.m.

Minami-maru Nemu

When it comes to fresh fish directly from Bungo Channel, please come visit us.

You can enjoy fresh fish that the restaurant owner as a fisherman catches on the day. Especially, horse mackerel and mackerel are very popular. Having a preserve

Location:Kitahama 1-11-20 Toraya Bldg. 1F


Kappo Inn Sen-nari

Culinary Japanese-style inn with Japanese garden.

Relaxing space with Japanese garden that accounts for roughly half of the site. blowfish course (winter) Kaiseki (lunch) Sukiyaki of Japanese-produced beef

Location:Noguchimotomachi 2-18

Hours:11:00~14:00 18:00~21:00(lo20:00)

Japanese Dish Wakashio

Japanese restaurant in a hotel, serving local foods.

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seasonal Kaiseki Bungo r Sankai hot pot (for 2 people~) Lunch for kawara soba set meal 6 kinds of meals including Shokusai set meal

Location:Ishigaki-higashi 10-1-20 Hotel Sun Valley 2F

Hours:Lunch 11:30~14:00 Dinner 18:00~22:00

CIER ET MER Restaurant (10 Hanabishi)

Buffet of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes.

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Buffet or restraint Kaiseki Menus of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes You can enjoy your meal with watching the great view of Beppu Bay and city of Oita and Beppu from the restaurant on the 10th floor. Lunch: available to order

Location:Kitahama 2-14-29


Restaurant Hana-ichirin (6th floor of Hanabishi)

Buffet of Japanese and Western dishes.

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Available to order Western and Japanese dishes. Meal style is flexible to make an arrangement of buffet and Kaiseki styles. Reservation for lunch is acceptable if requested. Yacht harbor, Beppu Bay, the view of Oita city. Suitable for memorial service, special day, group, get-together of company. Available to order lunch

Location:Kitahama 2-24-30


Sea Breeze Restaurant (2nd floor Hanabishi)

You can enjoy the dishes with feeling of salt breeze.

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Kaiseki menu: menu is customizable according to budget or requests. Available to order lunch Lunch menu: choice from 14 kinds of menus. Lunch includes sweets. Also you can choose drinks. It’s very reasonable menu.

Location:Kitahama 2-14-32


Night Lounge Akane (1st floor of Hanabishi)

Lounge with karaoke rooms in a hotel.

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all-you-can-drink-and-sing at night lounge and karaoke room on the 1st floor. Enjoy the local sake. Suitable for after-party, get-together of company, and party with friends.

Location:Kitahama 2-14-32


Abura-ya Kumahachi-tei (in Kamenoi Hotel)

Izakaya bar and Japanese restaurant.

daily lunch special lunch set menu (tempura sashimi set menu) Recommended menu: Bungo tasty meal set (Toriten, dumpling soup, Ryukyu set), for Kumahachi-tei set menu (tempura and sashimi), for Kamenoi-don set menu (Ryukyu-don) There are 16 Japanese style seats in the spacious relaxing space, and small children are also welcome.

Location:Chuo-machi 5-17

Hours:6:40~10:00(OS9:40)  11:00~15:30(OS15:00) 17:30~23:00(OS22:00) 

Chinese Dining Xiang-li (in Beppu Kamenoi Hotel)

Chinese buffet.

Order buffet course is all-you-can-eat style in 90 minutes and has 6 kinds of Chinese dishes. 4 kinds of appetizers are available for free.

Location:Chuo-machi 5-17



Restaurant serving fresh fish of Oita.

Having a preserve. Enjoy watching great knife cuts for fresh fish dishes.

Location:Ishigaki-higashi 7-2-14

Hours:11:00~14:00 14:30(OS) 18:00~22:00(os 21:30)


Bar with living space in relaxing mood.

Assorting more than 100 kinds of alcohols including whiskey, wines, and cocktails, as well as French a la carte dishes. The spacious fancy living space with couches and tables allows you to refresh yourself, and this is the reason for its popularity.

Location:Akiba-cho 7-24 Century Heights Hinago 2F

Hours:19:30~2:00 a.m.


Offering fresh cocktails.

Using fresh fruits for cocktails. You can enjoy some amusements including darts and slot machines with having handmade chocolate and pizza.

Location:Akiba-cho 7-24 Century Heights Hinago 2F

Hours:18:00~3:00 a.m.

Restaurant&Bar Tatamiser

Meaning “people living in Japanese style” in French.

course meal.

Location:Motomachi 5-26

Hours:11:30~14:30(os) 17:30~22:30(os)

Creative Italian CaSa

Casual creative Italian dish.

Owner with experiences to be a chef in Tokyo and Sydney gives you creative Italian cuisines. We have repeat customers who know the real taste. Reservation is preferable. Recommendation: bagna càuda of seasonal vegetables, for spring rolls of shrimp, avocado, and pork,carbonara using eggs of Hirosima.

Location:Shiomi-cho 7-15

Hours:11:30~14:00(Mon~Fri) 18:00~22:30(last order 21:30)Dinner(Mon~Sat)

Tempura Kato

You will give yourself over to our Tempura.

the recommended lunch. course meal at night.

Location:Wakakusa-cho 4-1

Hours:11:30~14:00 os13:30 17:30~22:00 os21:00

Sushi and other fine dishes Shin Sushi

Serving the real taste of sushi.

Using the seafood from Bungo Channel, we provide the best cuisines with seasonal ingredients.

Location:Kitahama 1-2-2


Organic Restaurant for Beauty and Health Primadoll

Using organic vegetables from contract farmers.

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You can choose from meat, fish, pasta, and rice omelet for the main dish of your lunch. Also, we have salad bar, dessert bar, and drink bar. 3 kinds of rice and bread are all-you-can-eat buffet. pasta / rice omelet fish cuisine / meat cuisine. The main dishes for lunch are weekly changed.

Location:Ishigaki-higashi 10-1-20 Sun Valley Annex 1F

Hours:11:30~14:30(LO14:00) 18:00~22:00(LO21:00)

Steak Namban-kan

Steak restaurant.

Serving Bungo beef. Seats for teppan-yaki are available. Set meal with fried shrimp is also popular.

Location:Kannawa-higashi 2-2

Hours:11:30~15:00   18:00~20:30

Char-grill Ganso

Japanese-produced beef of Kyushu selected by the experts.

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Enjoy our unique and secret sauce and various types of Korean barbeque dishes. Popular menu: carubi outside skirt zabuton local chicken for hormone Korean-style pizza for kimchi for cold noodle Lunch: daily lunch special for cold noodle set meal others Having 240 seats (170 seats on the 1st floor, and 70 seats on the 2nd floor) Private room is available Parking for 70 cars is available

Location:Ishigaki-higashi 10-5-28